Two dead in Dynasty Gossard Tragedy

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dead-miner_Layout-1 by Eric Burbeg Aapo Helveti and Ilmarinen Kaivos, two miners working for the Dynasty-Gossard mine, suffocated and died last Thursday, Oct. 27, 1955. Mine officials reported a blockage in a ventilation tunnel cut off air flow to the two before succumbing to carbon dioxide poisoning. “We are sorry for … Read More

Police ask for help in search for missing realtor

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realtor_Layout-1   by Eric Burbeg, IIIThe Marquette County Sheriff’s Office has asked for help in finding the whereabouts of a local real estate agent Anna Pierce, who has been missing for two weeks. Pierce is five- foot-seven, roughly 155 pounds, with light brown hair and brown eyes. “We are asking … Read More

Rotten Food

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Food has lost its appeal. Especially now that it has rotted on the sill. Flies buzzing about it. Flies. Flying flies. Buzzing, singing, giggling, flies. Perhaps I’ll take a walk to sleep. -Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 24)

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