Bad Dreams

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Last night I had a wicked dream. The winds were howling and there was a hole in the earth right outside my door that seemed to be sucking everything into it. I was grasping for whatever I could just to stop from being sucked into the hole. My books were being ripped off of the shelves I reached out to catch one and lost my grip on the wall and went hurling toward the hole. Just before I awoke sweaty and breathless I saw Emily, un aged girl of eleven, reaching up for me as she was gobbled into the darkness. Don’t think I require an interpreter for this one. Though with my knowledge of such things, I wish I would of seen the title of the book that made me lose my grip. Might hold some clue that could help me deal with the foreboding omen of that which lies ahead. 

-Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 13) 


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