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Branch Gloves- Tutorial

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Warning!!! Don’t poke your eye out… or anyone else’s! 

In the tutorial we will show you how to create our super creepy invention- the Branch Gloves. This is another one we made up to fit an aesthetic need. They are so creepy cool, we thought we should share them with you!


Fitted gloves (we used flight gloves/ bonus they are fire retardant)

Armature wire (find it at art stores, the stuff from the hardware store is too rigid for this project!)

Pliers and Snips


Brown Tape (we used Gaff)


Hot Glue

STEP 1: Start with your non-dominate hand. Put on a fitted glove. Wrap the armature wire loosely around your fingers creating new long branchy fingers. Use the palm area and the back of the hand to loop and ‘tie’ the wire together. This should all be one big piece of connected wire. Test them out and make sure that it is loose enough that you can move your branch fingers and tight enough that it doesn’t fall off.


STEP 2: Rip some strips of tin foil, make them a variety of sizes and begin squishing, wrapping and sculpting the shape of your branch fingers.

STEP 3: Pre-Rip several lengths of brown tape and begin wrapping in the tinfoil on your branch fingers. Thinner strips work best, in circles around the fingers (rather than the length of the fingers).

STEP 4: (Optional) add real sticks at the end of your branch fingers. Wrap in fabric, paint, and or add moss!

*Jordan does recommend projects in pajamas!

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