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Demons of Apathy

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We all have personal demons, it helps to name them so that we might banish them.

Fuck it. Whatever. Who cares. Why bother? Maybe you tried before and it didn’t work out. Maybe you never learned to try at all. Perhaps at one point life had meaning to you but now you just don’t see the point.

The spirits of apathy are there for you, they cozy up and protect you like a warm blanket. There is no failure if you do not try. There is no sadness if you do not care. The troubles of the world cannot effect you at all. It’s easy to see the draw! However, there is also no joy, no excitement, no passion, no triumph from achievement, no sense of purpose and no love. Which are arguably some of the best parts of life!

Demon of Apathy

If you are afflicted with the spirits of apathy the first step may seem hard but since their nature is indifferent they are relatively easy to expel. Stand up, shake them off and do something! Anything!

The next step is personal and different for everyone. What do you (or did you at some point) care about? Whether it’s an activity or a philosophy dedicate a moment to that care. If you can’t get off the couch, find and watch a film about it! Whatever it is find a way to work it into your daily life.

Finally and most importantly, don’t be afraid to try! Failure is just part of the learning process and a part of living- There is not a single person who has not experienced failure, join the rest of humanity!

Every time you try, experience feeling an emotion or take part in an activity, you are a little less desirable to the spirits of apathy. If you have welcomed them in the past they are however likely still hanging about your space, they may sluggishly creep toward you if you are still welcoming them… eventually they will wander off when you no longer need them.

Why bother? -Because your worth it!

Who cares? -Everyone you know!

Whatever? -Exactly! Whatever you want, it’s your life!

Fuck it? -Why not? Do you;)


Above is Reposted from January of 2018.

Note on March 23rd, 2020: We are Reposting this because as many of us are now stuck at home in isolation or quarantine the Demons of Apathy are definitely a danger! Personally I thought that I had expelled these demons permanently, but over this last week I could feel them cozying in. For myself, like many of you this pandemic shows signs that society may be quite different for me even after the virus plays out. Will the career goals I once had even be viable in the post pandemic economy? Maybe and maybe not.  Goals that seemed so reachable just last month, seem some what far fetched right now. So I pressed pause. Our economy is on pause, why not also my life and goals? I binge watched three seasons of a show (roughly 50 hours of  television) and started playing a video game. On top of that I spent most of the rest of the time on the couch staring at my phone, reading articles and obsessing on social media. In fact, I am super glad we decided to repost this demon of apathy, because I had almost forgot about it!

Right now, many of us in isolation are being given a gift- even if it REALLY does not seem like it. The gift is time. Time at home, with our families or ourselves. Time to think, time to catch up, time to plan, time to learn, time to try something new, time to work on that project that we have been putting off for years, time to help! Time. I am not saying don’t binge watch a show or play a video game, for some of us that is an excellent use of our time because it’s something we haven’t allowed ourselves to do while busy being productive members of society. What I am pointing out is that we have options. Once you grapple with the gravity of the situation at hand, take a moment to recognize the opportunities before you. Consider using this time productively, in what ever way feels best for you.

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