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Mindy came by again this morning. Kieth seemed to know she was coming because he emerged out of the bushes the moment she stepped into the garden. Circling her legs to and fro, and greeting her with a vivacious purr. For a moment I thought his loyalties had switched and that he would follow her home! But then the mystery was revealed as she pulled a bit of salmon from her pocket. From her mom she told me. I asked how Mrs. Hughes was doing and Melinda just smiled sadly and shrugged. I decided not to press. 

She asked if I would like to go for a stroll. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet but, really I didn’t feel all that hungry. Just in case I pocketed a piece of bread and cheese wrapped in a towel. As we walked, I finally decided to ask her more about Emily. Mindy said that she used to see her in the woods at night, when she was a little girl! When she told her mother, Melinda was grounded to the house. For close to a year she was not allowed to leave the yard. I don’t blame her mother. After Emily disappeared, I didn’t trust them either. One day I even gathered salt and lemons and my dads iron trowel and went looking for them! Of course I wound up walking in circles, until I finally gave up and went back home. There are stories of humans who have been swept into the the Faerie world being able to breach the wall between our dimensions when they are near friends or family, just long enough to get a message across. Usually that message is ‘save me!’ But occasionally people can be happy there and just want you to know they are ok. I said as much to Mindy, hoping that perhaps Emily enjoyed the Faerie Realm. Mindy said that when she had seen her, which was a handful of times between the ages of 11-15, Emily always looked the same age and as if she was searching for something. 

We walked down to the tree and sat near the log. Today she pulled a small red gemstone from her pocket along with a tied bunch of herbs that I didn’t recognize. She asked me to join her in a song. She began to repeat an old nursery rhyme, it took me a moment to remember it but then it all came back and I sang along-

Girls and Boys,
Come out to play,
The Moon does shine,
As bright as Day,
Come with a Hoop
Come with a Call,
Come with good will,
Or not at all.

When we finished there again were two acorns full of liquid. My hand moved for it and before I could even think it was down my throat. Warm and smooth and sweet. Again we laid in the soft moss and thought of naught. Such a sweet relief to be at peace. By the time we walked back it was nearly bedtime! I’ve decided to skip dinner and head to sleep.

-Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 16)

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