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Faerie Sickness

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Must focus and document. Easier to write in the midday sun. Mindy comes and Mindy goes. She helps me most because she knows. Look at the sun! Focus. Focus. Focus. Mindy is looking for help. She says there is a witch in the deep woods that knows of the cure for faerie sickness, she said she will go. There seems to be a toll exacted on the body for chasing the faeries between dimensions. Who cares for this world of sick and sadness of slowly dying bodies of flesh just waiting for its time to rot off bones? Let it go and be back to the earth and to the natural order of things. I told her not to worry, just to get me more of the liquid and I would be fine! She looks worried. If she stops bringing it I will go get some myself.

-Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 22)

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