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Fish and Kieth

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Well, I may now have a pet. I cannot be sure if he is suspect for accepting all of my offerings or just the fish last night. But this morning a beautiful gray tom cat with an M on his head was crying at my doorstep. I told him to shoo but he followed me around the garden as I went about my planting. Around 8AM I went in and made some coffee and grabbed some smoked fish and a hard boiled egg and went back to work on the garden. There was just the smallest bit of fish left, so I went ahead and gave it to the cat. He wandered off but somehow made it back just in time for dinner! By the end of the day I had named him Kieth. When I set out the cream offering I put it up high on the bird feeder and gave ole’ Kieth his own saucer full, with a small chunk of jerky. Who knows maybe he will help me on my search? Ive read that cats can see in multiple dimensions.

Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 9)

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