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Songs in the Woods

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I decided to pay Melinda a visit to discus my new theories. I was walking toward her house in the late afternoon and there she was! Walking into the woods. I followed her. Just far enough behind that she didn’t seem to notice me. She went straight away to our mossy spot and laid something I couldn’t quite see upon the log. I wanted to see the exchange. Lay eyes on the creature that takes the offerings and brings the acorns. I could hear the slight lilt of her voice but couldn’t hear what she was singing. It sounded peaceful though. When I awoke it was pitch black. I very carefully picked my steps back to the house, falling only once. When I fell there was a very distinct giggle. I asked aloud if it would care to speak. I received no answer. Then I asked if perhaps it preferred to dance? Such a cacophony of giggles was returned that I thought it best to move on to the house. When I arrived home I lit the lantern and scanned the tree line. Unnatural shadows danced to and fro. I told them that perhaps soon we would dance, but lost my nerve for dealing with the fare folk in the dark. It seems odd to be so tired after such an unexpected nap in the woods. As I fell to sleep, I swear I could here music playing just out of ear shot.

-Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 19)

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