Joyful Terror, LLC was built after a particularly rough couple of years. We lost too many friends and family. Between thankless jobs and the strife in the world, life had become a nightmare. We always had a joke about ‘living the dream’ no matter what we were up to, but after all of the untimely death, we began to ponder- what in fact is the dream? The answer came in our annual Halloween event. Every year we put on a haunt for the neighborhood and whilst building it we realized we were having the best time! That was when the light bulb clicked. We find Joy in Terror. Looking at the faces of the people leaving our haunt we realized that we help other people find joy in terror too! Everyday life is either joyful or terrifying and often both! Here we are embracing and exploring our fears and the fulfillment that comes from facing them and conquering the beasts.

With over 15 years of experience in the design, logistics and productions of national and global corporate special events our team at Joyful Terror, LLC is committed to providing you with an unforgettable event that will go off without a hitch… unless of course that hitch is planned! Hire us or join us for immersive and interactive environments and events wrought with story, lore and consequence.



Principal/ Owner Operator 

The master mind behind Joyful Terror, LLC, has over 15 years of experience in the design, logistics and production of national and global corporate special events. Two years ago she made a lateral move and left Chicago to pursue her dream and marry her creativity, skills, passions and talents to create immersive experiences based in classic fairy tale and monster lore. She is currently living the dream in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Principal/ Owner Operator 

The OG- has over 40 years of experience painting, building and just plain making it happen. He is the inspiration of this company and the original monster lover. He is both the team cheerleader and the realists who asks the hard questions and who keeps dreams on track, on this plane of reality.