The Iris

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Week two. My patience (or lack there of) got the best of me. I decided to remove a stone from the circle around the house. Under the stone was a chunk of iron! The couple who lived here before were quite thorough. It was my mothers birthday, so I headed into town to pay her a visit. I pulled some iris from the garden, bulb and all and wrapped them with a strip of burlap from the shed. They were always her favorite and probably the same ones she planted when we were kids. My parents were happy to see me. My mom planted the flowers right off. She filled me in on all of the goings on of the neighbors. Mrs. Kipling’s daughter Lillian is now engaged to Kevin Pierce. Sophia broke off her engagement to Mathew on account of his flirting with Annie Hurst… etc… I think I got an account of the marital status of every female even close to my age within a 20 mile radius. A hint mother? Ready for grandchildren are we? I don’t have the heart to tell her that I am not interested in that way of life. There are many things about me and my studies that they do not know. Not that I think that they couldn’t understand them. Lord knows that they have had plenty of dealings with the other side! But they would want, what they would consider, ‘better’ for me- a family. In my line of work, I’m not sure a family is the best idea. I did mention seeing Mindy and Mrs. Hughes. She looked wistful and sad. I thought it because of Mrs. Hughes mental state, but then she said in a depressed tone “yeah, she’s engaged to William Cross.” My father asked me at least three times, if I was really ok living in the cottage in the woods. At around 5PM he insisted I get back before dark. I told him there was plenty of time, but he said, son you never know could happen along the way and you don’t want to risk it. Apparently the old man who lived in the cottage before (and after) me got caught out after dark and that is when he ended up sick and caught his death. Maybe I could write for the paper and move back into town, he said.  I assured him that all was well and I headed out. I did stop for supplies, food and ink. When I made it back the sun was just setting, casting dark shadows on my path. As I arrived home there were iris bulbs and dirt on my doorstep. In the hole where they had previously resided was the rock that I had pulled up that morning! Interesting indeed! I think tonight I will leave out some bread and cream. 


Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 6)

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