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Witch Hutch- Tutorial

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This is a tutorial on refinishing a beautiful piece of furniture to look terrible and gross.


We were looking for a set piece to add to the Witch Hut and came across a cheap and beautiful piece on crags list. I did not photo this process, so it is more like a before and after with some tips…


Sand paper/ electric sander (oscillating)

Heavy Chain (+some pent up aggression and or heavy metal music)

Matte/ Chalk Paint in your preferred colors- Shown here in Green/White/Black

Dark Brown Wax


Flat ‘stamp’ for aged look

STEP 1: Sand off previous paint or urethane in any area you want there to be light wood showing through. TIP- you want this to look aged and used so for sure focus on places that people would touch, places things would be set or moved. Post sanding, clean up your mess! Vacuum and sweep up the dust and wipe your furniture piece off with a damp cloth.

STEP 2: Turn on some heavy music or think about something that pissed you off and begin beating the furniture with the chain. Focus on the edges and the top of the piece (where ever people would set things over time). Repeat this process throughout the next few steps whenever necessary!

STEP 3: Paint some of the corners and some of the surface are with a thin layer of Black

STEP 4: Pick the color that was on there before the final color. Here we chose white. Hit some of the piece with areas of white. We used a stamp for faux finishes. you dip the flat side into a paint color then slide it across the surface until it runs out of paint. It leaves a look like paint came off the areas where it doesn’t hit (rather than the look that you added paint).

STEP 5: Let that layer dry then use the same process with the green paint.

STEP 6: Let that layer Dry then go in with a rag and or a brush and hit all of the corners and cracks+ anywhere else with the black. use the wet rag to blend it into the wood and over the top of the dried paint.

STEP 7: Grab another rag and work in the Dark Brown Wax. Put it most places, it will make it look dirty….

Pro Tip: Go ahead and use the top unguarded with any cups of water, dirty brushes, pour your paint there, (set your beer there) to get some rings and wear as you go!

And there you are! A desecrated filthy piece of shit furniture… just like you wanted!? Hope you enjoy;)




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