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Cream and Blossom

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Cream gone again. Perhaps it blew in on the wind, but in the empty cup there was the prettiest pink blossom. I cant help but believe that I have made contact and that my standing with them is thus far positive! Keith’s cream was also gone, a point that he reminded me of quite vocally. I shared my breakfast with him again. It was a beautiful day. The air just felt right. I took to humming a good part of the afternoon and decided on a walk. The sun was coming through the branches creating golden rays. On my way back I meandered by the Hughes residence and checked in on Mrs. Hughes. She was well today and we had a chat on the porch. Mindy was out with Will for the day. I told her about my new friend Kieth and she donated a bit of fish to the cause. I noticed that their residence also had a stone circle around it and I inquired. Her eyes got wide and wild for a moment but she calmed and said that the Walters had done some trade work and put it in for them about 8 years ago. She then looked around suspiciously and said in a hushed whisper, that they were having trouble with the locals. At that she gestured toward the woods, then started talking loudly about the weather. She got up and gave me a pointed wide eye look and said good day. When I made it home, Keith alerted me that  it was just about time for dinner. I gave him Mrs. Hughes fish and called it a night. Tonight I will leave some cream as well as sweet bread with butter.

Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 10)

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