Morning Fog

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This morning I awoke in such a fog. Both in my head and in the woods. I must have gotten too much sleep on account of the dreary weather. Today was a miserable day. My body ached, and I had no focus. Even the food seemed to have lost its flavor. I hardly choked down a bit of bread and meat. Incase I was catching an illness, I decided to stay inside and rest. I tried to read for a bit, but kept reading the same passage over and over again. And I couldn’t stop thinking about Melinda, Emily and the Faeries. Emily might still be out there! Maybe if I could contact them I could find out. I know it is dangerous to deal with them, but Melinda seems to have a good relationship with them. Most of my dealings with them thus far have been positive. And that acorn medicine is a miracle! They ought to bottle it for the masses! Still, I feel as though there is something important that I am forgetting… something in my research perhaps? For now I shall dream on it, good night.

-Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 17)

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