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William’s Worries

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Melinda’s betrothed came to call this afternoon. William Cross. I remembered him slightly from when I was young. Another one that grew up here and never left. He asked me on a walk to town. Though I was still feeling a bit under the weather, the sun was shining bright and I decided I had nought better to do. Also I could use a few items. We talked quite a bit and when it came to the end of our trip, he laid it out straight. He loved Melinda and he wanted to know my intentions! I told him I had no designs on ruining his betrothal and that I thought of her as more of a sister. I asked him in for supper and he obliged. He then confided in me that he was worried for her. She hardly eats but sugar and people had voiced concern of missing items when she is gone. I held my tongue, as I had witnessed her trading an item from my own home to the Faeries. William said that he knew she had some similar issues some years ago when her father passed, and that he thought she was beyond it. But lately she was losing weight again. Sometimes she would nod off and speak in dreams. There was a serum from town that seemed to help her but it didn’t last long. I told him that of course I would do my best to look into it. But of course I know part of the story… she’s addicted to the Faerie serum. That delicious peace providing nectar of the gods. Oh dear. What if that is my problem too? I think I should look this up. There is definitely something coming to mind about the addictive nature of other worldly foods. I recall ambrosia of course. Food of the Gods that gave longer life but took the flavor from everyday fare… I haven’t had much of an appetite since I drank those tiny thimbles of delicious warm liquid.

-Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 18)

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