Settling In

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Took stock of the state of the property this afternoon. For many of the fourteen years that we were gone it was inhabited by an elderly man and his wife. My parents moved a few miles from here, closer to town when I went to college, but they never dreamed of coming back to the woods. According to them, the old man died a few years ago and the woman moved in with her son in town. The man had installed iron bars on the windows and they  built a circle of stones around the old place. I might have missed it, except that I was searching the ground for signs of what may have been planted. Clearly they were people of the old country. The house feels safe right now. So far nothing out of the ordinary or rather, nothing of interest. Haven’t had time to go into the woods yet, just getting settled in. 

-Edward Grayson Stone (Journal Entry 3) 


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